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Associations & Organisations
British Film Institute - Excellent and in-depth site from the venerable British Film Institute. Highlights include the series "BFI Archive Interactive" which includes excellent interactive studies on British cinema. A recent one was Paul Merton on Early British Comedy. - This website is an initiative of the Department of Canadian Heritage, and functions as a one-stop gateway to all aspects of the Canadian cultural scene, including history, politics, sports, and art. Contains an impressive range of up-to-date links and cultural information, including streamed segments from the CBC Television Archives.
Digitalarti - Your one-stop online source for everything digital art. Portal to events across Canada and Europe, live performances, lectures, and online journal dedicated to digital art available as a free pdf journal. Latest issue (Mag. No. 5) includes an interesting essay on the permutations of meanings on the internet. What is most important. What people read? How they read? Where the information is saved? How it is transmitted? Where are all these servers served? What is the environmental footprint of these 'data centers'? You'll be surprised.
Electronics Arts Intermix (EAI) - Non-profit resource for film, video and interactive media art. Includes substantial video streaming samples of many of their artists, including Chris Marker, George Kuchar, Ken Jacobs, Carolee Schneemann, Michael Snow, and Douglas Gordon.
Eurochannel - Eurochannel is your one-stop subscription online portal for European music, television, cinema, fashion, and art. The Eurochannel cinema features a wide variety of feature length films, shorts, and documentary, with 70 films a month, three new films every week.

FIAF - Site for the Journal of Film Preservation. Amazingly, the site includes full text (pdf file) access to the excellent association journal.

Film Festival World - Excellent, valuable online resource for everything connected to the world of the film festival. By far the most complete, organised, and up-to-date resource on film festivals from all over the world. Resources include a listing of International film academies and awards bodies and links to film journals and e-zines.
Film Sound - Extensive, one stop location for everything you wanted to know about film sound.
Film Studies Association of Canada - Organ for Canada's long running Association that brings together film scholars, students, researchers, and teachers from all over the country. - The internet's foremost resource on matters of film sound theory and practice.

FIPRESCI: The International Federation of Film Critics - Website for the important film critics organization, FIPRESCI. Includes a link-up to their relatively new online film journal, "Undercurrents," an interesting section where film critics write about film books that influenced their intellectual history, and much more.

Intute - Intute is a free UK-based online resource which acts as a massive storage for the every increasing area on reputable online journals/essays in every conceivable area. Its main target are UK students, lecturers and researchers in higher academics, but obviously anyone seeking research in their particular area will benefit from Intute.
Screen Directors Guild of Ireland - "Established in 2000, the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland (SDGI) is the representative body for directors involved in the Irish and international audiovisual industry. These include directors of feature films, fiction, animation documentary, television drama, short films, video art and commericals."
The Independent Media Arts Alliance - A national network of independent film, video and new media production centers, distributors and exhibitors from all over parts of Canada.
The Italian Page - A one-stop destination for all things Italy related, spanning culture, art, film, education, travel, health, sports, architecture, and history.
The School of Sound - The School of Sound is an organisation that has staged an annual -and now, biennial- international symposium on the creative use of sound in the arts and media. The next SOS takes place in London in April 27-30, 2011. You can learn more about their related activities, including their journal, "The Soundtrack," at their website.
Women Make Movies - A non-profit organization which promotes and distributes films from all over the world made by and about women. Their catalogue contains over 400 titles in all genres, with an emphasis on documentary and experimental.

Cinemasparagus - Craig Keller's eclectic musings on a broad range of intelligent (with a slant on European), auteurist cinema.
David Bordwell’s Film Blog - There are many film blogs on the web, some good, some not so good. As you might expect from one of the pre-eminent film scholars of his generation, this one from David Bordwell is good, very good.
Film Studies For Free - Run by Catherine Grant, this is an invaluable resource which does exactly what its title would suggest: it brings together in one place links to scholarly and intelligent articles and essays on a wide range of subjects that are available for free. The site is dangerous. Why? Well because when you visit this site you will always spend more time perusing the many interesting links and connected tangents than you can afford!
Giallo Fever - Keith Brown's excellent analysis of the Italian giallo. Entries are normally on a singular film, but reference previous entries and are part of a broader aesthetic and stylistic understanding of the giallo (Brown is a PhD student and I imagine his thesis is on the giallo).
Poética do cinema - New blog by Brazilian film scholar Marcelo Moreira Santos which is a voice for his research on film semiotics. Blog entries thus far include English translations of sections of his published PhD thesis, and includes helpful film links to relevant film making of and documentaries which support the entries. For example, the blog entry of May 7, 2013, "The Collaborative Authorship in Cinema," includes brief excerpts of documentary clips from The Shining, Inception, The Dark Knight, etc.
Shocks to the System - Excellent blog by writer Jon Towlsen that specializes in horror films that can be considered subversive in their approach to genre norms of style, formal approach, theme or social consciousness. The blog is an extension of a book on the subject of 'Subversive Cinema' which is slated for publication from McFarland press in 2013. Chapter descriptions for the book are available on the blog.
The Case For Global Film - An interesting educational blog run by five film teachers working in the North of England and Scotland, Roy Stafford, Keith Withall, Nick Lacey, Rona Murray, and Des Murphy. The blog's emphasis is on cinema beyond mainstream Hollyowood, that is art cinema, European and International cinema. A unique approach to gathering like-minded information on the scope of International cinema. The blog is an offshoot of the collective teaching of the five bloggers and the British based film magazine that ran from 1990 to 2008, in the picture.
Tim Cawkwell’s Cinema - A sounding board for former filmmaker Tim Cawkwell, on the more esoteric and contemplative aspects of film thought (religion, theology, the imagination, etc.). Cawkwell writes with the general reader in mind, not necessarily the arcane academic. As his logo states, "Intelligible writing about intelligent film."

By Way of Montreal
Cinémathèque Québécoise - Montreal's venerable cinema treasure which houses major retrospectives and selections from its own vast archive collection. Also includes an invaluable library of film books, periodicals, newspaper clippings, posters, etc., which is a mine of information for scholars and students.
Cinema du Parc - An important Montreal venue for alternative and independent cinemas. Not afraid to mix the popular with the esoteric.
Cineroute - A gateway into the National Film Board of Canada's vast film collection.
Infliction Film - Website where you can get information on films made or produced by Mitch Davis, who also programs for Fantasia, and the Cinema du Parc theatre. Great links page.
Montreal Serai - A politically engaged cultural magazine that has a growing online presence (over 2000 subscribers). Montreal Serai rightly prides itself on the ethnic and cultural diversity of its writers and subjects. The webzine covers all the arts, both big and small (from cinema to poetry) with equal dedication.

DVD Reviews
DVD Beaver - A website specializing in DVD quality control. The place to go if deliberating between competing DVD issues of a film. You''ll get the technical comparison, complete with bit rate compression, film stills, and commentary.
Masters of Cinema - Serious, erudite in the best sense possible. Covers art house DVD releases across all DVD regions. Great for making your mouth water over DVD's you don't have but would die for.

Ingmar Bergman Face to Face - English version of the award winning Swedish website on Ingmar Bergman, launched on May 22, 2006. An excellent reference site for works by and about Bergman.
Stan Brakhage on the Web - Filmmaker red Camper's labour of love on the late Stan Brakhage. Extensive material covering the life of America's seminal avant-garde filmmaker.
The Island of Sokurov - Offical website for the Russian director.

Journalism and Criticism
Bright Lights Film Journal - Once a print magazine, now an intelligent journal of film criticism. Equally compelling with popular film and the more esoteric. Manages to nicely blend a scholarly yet readable approach to a variety of subjects ranging in equal measure from the horror genre to experimental cinema.
Canuxploitation - All you need to know about Canadian exploitation cinema (and there's more than you'd expect!).
Cinema Scope - Cinema Scope is one of, if not the, best Canadian film magazines on the market, featuring intelligent criticism, festival coverage, and interviews. Their website offers content information on current and back issues, subscription information, and some web only content.
Electric Sheep Magazine - Subtitled a "deviant view of cinema" Electric Sheep is an intelligent source of serious reflection on all sorts of cinema, but with a concentration on the esoteric. Varied in content too, with blogs, podcasts, interviews, etc.
European - Privately run website aimed at promoting European cinema. Covers films that are in-production and recently released across the world. Good source of production credit information with an extensive archive of film reviews.
Korean Film - Excellent site on Korean cinema. Includes book/film reviews, purchasing links, festival updates, industry analysis, etc.
Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism - What a wonderful surprise it was to learn of this new (2010) rekindling of the excellent British film magazine Movie, that ran from 1962 to 2000 and published some of the most engaged, constructive and intelligent film criticism of its time. The online version of Movie provides a nice lineage with the original by including a tribute to one of its founding fathers Ian Cameron (who died in January 2010) by V.F. Perkins, another important figurehead of the original magazine, as well as reprinted the essay by Cameron "Films, Directors, and Critics" from Movie #2. The online version (which is refereed and bi-annual) also emulates the style and layout of the original magazine, and includes some excellent frame grabs. Welcome back. - Italian language one stop site for all news/info on what is playing and forthcoming across Italy. Although the texts are written in Italian, and consumer geared, there is a huge database of trailers, many in their original languages, which are not easily found elsewhere. Not only are there tons of trailers, but links to biographies of film personalities, event descriptions (like currently a notice of the restored screening of Alain Resnais' Hiroshima, Mon Amour playing at the Cinema Ritrovato a Bologna), etc. Where else can you find, as in the 'Oggi al cinema' section, what is playing where across all of Italy? I find it particularly useful for discovering recent Italian films, rather than the North American films filling many screens there as elsewhere. The site is very well organized and essential for Italians seeking cinema news, and any one travelling to Italy who doesn't want to miss out on their film fix.
Oddity Cinema - As the title suggests, Oddity Cinema is a webzine which tackles the weird and the wonderful in bite-sized morsels of critical commentary, capsule reviews, interviews, trailers, plugs for upcoming releases, etc. What sets it apart from most online review sites is its interactivity, with readers able to add their own comments to reviews. The design is colorful and attractive, yet remains functional and easy to navigate.
Panorama-cinema - A Quebec based French language webzine with impeccable taste and an astute critical sense. Their individual film reviews may not be exceptionally long but treat each word as a precious commodity in distilling the necessary elements of the film. The zine has spread out to include interviews, podcasts, and has recently emerged as a publisher, thus far with two books under its wing: their first L'Humanisme D'Après-Guerre Japonaise (Humanism in Post-War Japan) and the second Vies & Morts du Giallo (Lives and Deaths of the Giallo). I have looked at the latter and am impressed with its scope and scholarship. It is an important contribution to the critical literature on the giallo.
Truth-in-Cinema - Quirky but intense website dedicated to the cinematic spiritual heavyweights (Tarkovsky, Bergman, Ozu, Sokurv, etc.).

Publishers, Labels, and Retailers
British Film Institute - Excellent and in-depth site from the venerable British Film Institute. Highlights include the series "BFI Archive Interactive" which includes excellent interactive studies on British cinema. A recent one was Paul Merton on Early British Comedy.

Cult Epics - Independent DVD label which specializes in esoteric arthouse, erotica, and horror cinema. Their releases are always a labor of love with care, commitment, and excellent supplementary material.
Fab Press - UK publishing house run and operated by the indefatigable Harvey Fenton. Genre material done with passion, style, and intelligence.
Fangoria - Website that both promotes and adds material to the long running horror magazine.
Filmmaker Magazine - Online organ for the magazine dedicated to independent cinema. Includes additonal material not featured in the print version.
Index DVD - Independent video distribution label which strongly promotes Austrian (mainly) and East European political and avant-garde artists. Their DVDs are beautiful works of art in themselves, with stylish see-through covers, copious (bilingual) liner notes and artist bios.
The Criterion Collection - Home of the DVD company committed to the promotion of International cinema. The name has become synonymous with quality, and the yardstick by which other DVD transfers are measured.

Theory, History, and Analysis
Camera & Pen - An elegantly designed website by filmmaker/writer Tim Cawkwell that features "intelligent" musings on cinema, with an emphasis on avant-garde and spiritual cinema (Bresson, Tarkovsky, Dreyer, the Holocaust, plus Cawkwell has authored a book entitled The Filmmaker's Guide to God in 2004). The site's title, which is a reference to Alexandre Astruc's caméra-stylo,' and is appropriately subtitled "Intelligible writing about intelligent film," also includes snippets of Cawkwell's aborted (he stopped making films in 1987) practical creative career under the heading "own work." A site well-worth visiting.
Caracult and Fuorivista - Two interesting linked Italian websites, one, Caracult, exploring the broader cultural sphere with a slant toward the esoteric and the anthropological, and the other, Fuorivista, a cinema journal featuring varied approaches to marginalized cinemas and an inclusive understanding of cinema (the journal is interested in all aspects of cinema, aesthetic, industrial, spectatorial, etc.).
Cineaste - Online link-up for the longstanding film magazine, which now includes web only material that supplements the monthly paper editions. Cineaste continues to publish excellent, well-informed criticism informed by all aspects of film art: the social, political and aesthetic.
Cinema of Malayalam - Website dedicated to the cinema of Kerala, the southernmost costal state of India. This website contains an extensive database of national and international award winning films and directors of Malayalam (the language spoken in Kerala) cinema.
Film Studies For Free - Great blog that is more than a blog: a wealth of resources for online scholarly writing on film that is 'open access' (free). There is a lot of really good stuff written on the web of value and this site does a great service in promoting this.
Film-Philosophy - Film academia meets the web. The most extensive free online archive of book reviews and theoretical essays.
Images: a journal of film and popular culture - Intelligent analysis of popular genres. Includes an excellent "In Focus" section on Italian Gothic Horror film.
Incite! Journal of Experimental Media & Radical Aesthetics - "INCITE! is a new journal dedicated to the discourse, culture, and community of experimental film, video, and new media. Merging handmade and online platforms, this hybrid publication addresses the lack of critical attention afforded film and media artists working today. In addition to scholarly articles, INCITE! publishes aesthetic statements, manifestos, artist projects, multiples, archival documents, interviews, reviews, and hastily drawn plans. Stationing ourselves at the cross-flow of research, scholarship, and creation, we encourage personal writing, critical poetics, and radical approaches to film and media (editor, Brett Kashmere).
Lola - Lean and clean film journal edited by Adrian Martin and Girish Shambu that is, refreshingly, all about the content and no flash and dash. Strong contributors and a firm editorial hand make this one of the most intelligent and readable film journals out there.
Paracinema - Edited by Christine Makepeace, Paracinema is the online organ of the magazine that is made for, to paraphrase its tagline, "People who love genre movies." Although many of the back issues (since 2007) are unfortunately sold out, the online presence fills in the space in-between new issues with exclusive editorials, links, festival reports, etc. Taking its name from the term coined by media theorist Jeffrey Sconce (which itself owes a debt to Michael J. Weldon's 'psychotronic cinema'), Paracinema prides itself in its writing, which is the right blend of serious, scholarly (without the leaden jargon), well-written, personal, and fun
Reverse Shot - Independent, quarterly film journal with intelligent and eclectic writing. Highlights include selected 'director symposiums' where the editorial board features who they feel are expressive voices in the contemporary cinematic landscape. Past symposiums include Jim Jarmusch, Tsai Ming-liang and Olivier Assayas.
Rouge - Rouge, edited by Adrian Martin, is a simple, user-friendly online film journal which is all about the writing, and mantains one of the highest standards of writing of any online film journal.
Screening the Past - One of the few refereed online film journals.
Senses of Cinema - Huge, very well supported film journal that is perhaps the best of its kind. Each new issue has enough material to keep you reading for hours.
Ubuweb - A wholly independent, wonderful resource on the avant-garde, poetry (in all its forms) and, to quote Ubuweb, "outsider arts." Includes many sounds, music, books, essays, poems, interviews, radio spots, and critical works that have been salvaged from obscurity, or at least made readily available through their website.
Vertigo - Vertigo is an international film magazine covering the best of independent and experimental film. This is the recently added online version of its hard copy magazine of the same name, which has been documenting global screen culture since 1993.
Who’s Who of Victorian Cinema - Excellent website dedicated to pre-cinema and early cinema. The site is based on a book entitled Who's Who of Victorian Cinema edited by Stephen Herbert and Luke McKernan, which can be purchased through the website.

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