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A report on La Cinémathèque's major retrospective of the works of Malaysian-born Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-liang.


Each of us is human and has value, but we are not equally valuable—our resources (knowledge, skills, talents, and monies), and relationships to others, determine the extent of our value. Sometimes we feel inferior because we are. The work of people such as Plato and Shakespeare is not important because they are Greek or English but because of how they illuminate the human condition, an illumination not limited by language, national borders, or time.


Re-evaluation of Sontag's seminal essay “Against Interpretation”.


An analysis of the film's engagement with philosophical discourse in a comedic mode.


“Twist” makes an interesting companion piece to another recent Canadian film by director Tim Southam, “The Bay of Love and Sorrow” (2002). Unlike Tierney, for whom “Twist” represents his first feature film, Southam comes to “The Bay” with a more varied and experienced background.


Review of Maddin's latest film within the broader context of recent Canadian cinema and its reception in the United States.


Along with Totaro's essay, this forms an in-depth introduction to the films of Guy Maddin.


An analytical peek into the twisted world of Guy Maddin.


An in-depth analysis of the representation of men and race across several varied recent films.


A study of two recent art house films (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Father and Son) which feature male relationships at their emotional center.


An in-depth analysis at the social and ideological parameters offered by Lars von Trier's fascinating piece of Brechtian cinema.


I recently traveled to Australia, Japan, England, the Galapagos, and France without leaving New York—through modern magic, film...


A Mäori proverb says you spend your life walking backwards because you can see the past but not the future—that’s why we trip.


A shot by shot, scene by scene breakdown of Pickpocket.


A demonstration of the critical value of statistical analysis.

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