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Keyword : Psychoanalysis


Psychoanalysis Meets Greek Myth in Elena Rodina's theoretical journey into female representation and spectatorship.


Leon Saunders Calvert argues that what makes Inception unique is not its by-play between reality and dream but "its integration of the psychoanalytic process into the very fabric of the narrative."


A psychoanlytical analysis of Emmanuel Carrère’s La Moustache.


An analysis of Lynch's Blue Velvet.


An theoretical analysis of what makes the cult film fan tick, from a psychoanalytical standpoint.


A broad survey of the trends and patterns of the American horror film since 1991, the year Silence of the Lambs won several Academy Awards.


A psychoanalytical analysis of recent films which incorporate 'unreliable' narration as a key element of what David Church argues is a 'masochistic' form of visual pleasure.


Psychoanalytical reading of Hawks' Bringing up Baby and Hitchcock's Vertigo


Should feminist scholarship be looking beyond American horror for a more varied representation of female desire and sexuality?


Using the theories of Lacan, Freud, and Zizek, Gullatz explores the depth of psychic horror across a selection of classic and contemporary horror films.

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