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Keyword : Political


An in-depth review essay of three First Run Feature DVDs that deal with the Nazi, two documentaries, Architecture of Doom and The Eye of Vichy, and the fictional The Murderers Are Among Us.


An ideological analysis of the form-content bias in Birth of a Nation (1915).


Socialist Realism During the Thaw: DVD review


Political analysis of Alfonso Arau's Like Water for Chocolate.


Active before and after the Iranian Revolution of 1979, writer-director Bahram Baizai is an important figure of Iranian cinema. Yet he has yet to receive the awards and accolades of his contemporaries, like Kiarostami, Makhmalbaf, Panahi, and Majidi, at least not in the West.


An interview with Chilean director Silvio Caiozzi.


Throughout, Tati contrasts the cold colors and industrial sounds of the Arpel’s and the Plastac factory to the warm, earth tone colors, traditional French music, and human sounds of the old quarter. Tati may prefer this idealized vision of the past, but he remains the realist.


The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On is an impassioned cinema verite-styled account of the one-man wrecking crew/dissident Okuzaki Kenzo, an ex-Private of the 36th Engineering Corps who fought in the West Pacific during World War 2. Read review of recent book on the film.

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