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Keyword : Japanese Cinema


A review of FAB Press book's second book by Tom Mes on Takashi Miike, Re-Agitator: A Decade of Writing on Takashi Miike.


Both a primer on the Japanese action film of the 1960s, 1970s, and a detailed analysis of key elements.


A study of how Yôji Yamada's Hidden Blade, from 2004, negotiates, through its narrative and visual style, change in Japanese society.


First of a two-part essay examining the influence of Kabuki theatre on Akira Kurosawa.


Part two of Vahdani's essay on the impact of Kabuki theatre on Kurosawa's status as an auteur.


A concentration on the Asian films that screened at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.


A detailed critical review of the recent book on Japanese cinema, by Sybil Anne Thornton.


An analysis of sound in The Clone Returns Home.


An analysis of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's (partial) change of pace gendaigeki, Tokyo Sonata.


The second part of an engrossing two-part essay on Kurosawa's study on the morality of living and dying, Ikiru.


The first of an engrossing two-part essay on Kurosawa's study on the morality of living and dying, Ikiru.


An overview of the pink films (Japanese erotic films) that featured at the 2008 Fantastic Film Festival.


An overview of the group of films included in a mini-retrospective of the Japanese Nikkatsu studio’s “B-movie” production of the late 1960s.


In-depth review of the Fantasia International Film Festival's first DVD release, a compilation of outstanding shorts shown at the festival over the past several years.


A report on Fantasia Film Festival 2006, discussing issues related to form-content, style for style's sake, and short films featuring man eating cats.


An interview with the director of Strange Circus and The Suicide Club, Sion Sono.


A report on the 29th International Hong Kong Film festival.


An interview with director Tomoko Matsunashi on her film The Way of the Director.


On the occasion of Fuon (The Crying Wind, Japan, 2004, 106 mins.) showing in competition at the 2004 Festival des Films du Monde (World Film Festival), in Montreal, the director of the film, Higashi Yoichi, along with principal actor, Uema Muneo, and Yamagami Tetsujiro, the film’s producer were interviewed by Peter Rist for Offscreen.


As I said in my most recent Fantasia International Film festival report, the director of “Bottled Fool”, Hiroki Yamaguchi, is a good bet to become the next big thing out of Japan. After making a prize winning short in 1999 at the age of 21 (“Shinya Zoki”/“Midnight Viscera”) he soon completed his first feature film in the same year, “Hateshinai tameiki” (1999).

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