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Keyword : Gay Lesbian


Elaine Lennon reviews two new books that deal around issues of representation (codes of femininity, lesbianism), National Identity, gender and genre codes and the construction of genre (melodrama, the women’s film, noir) in post-war American cinema.


An analysis of the lesbian elements of Robert Towne's Personal Best and its generic considerations as a sports film.


A close analysis of how Robert Towne's scripting and directorial work interact in his sports film Personal Best. The analysis draws on issues of representation (athletes, lesbians), authorship, visual style and characterization.


A detailed critical analysis of Yosef Raz's book Beyond Flesh : Queer Masculinities and Nationalism in Israeli Cinema.


Garrett draws on both critical works on Pasolini's Notes for an African Orestes and Pasolini’s own theoretical writing to place Notes for an African Orestes in the context of Pasolini’s own filmography and the broader intellectual framework of Pasolini’s varied cultural and political background.


Author Jenna Bond examines the homosexual subtext across three seminal Spaghetti westerns.


An theoretical analysis of what makes the cult film fan tick, from a psychoanalytical standpoint.


A review of Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain tracing the film's literary roots in Allegory, Romanticism and Epic poetry.


An in-depth interview with one of the driving forces behind the promotion and critical appreciation of Asian cinema, Tony Rayns.


An interview with San Francisco-based curator, critic, theorist, writer, producer Jenni Olson


A trans-gendered analysis of Hitchcock's Marnie.


An analysis of curator Jenni Olson's collection of Black American Cinema Trailers, 1946 - 1976.


An interview with the director of the indie reality-based melodrama (in the good sense) Firecracker.


An in-depth analysis of the representation of men and race across several varied recent films.


Fassbinder gets an exhaustive treatment in the recent book by Christian Braad Thomsen, and a likewise turn here by Louis Goyette.


Belgium actress Natali Broods sizzles in S..

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