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Keyword : Gangster


A study of Refn's surprisingly nuanced regeneration of the gangster stereotype and the criminal underworld, as lived by a series of interlocked Danish low life criminals across a trilogy of 'Pusher' films.


A critique of what author Katerina Korola sees as Refn's retrograde gender politics.


An interview with actor/director David George and DP David White of the low budget British gangster comedy Death in Ventnor.


Review of the winsome little British gangster comedy, Death in Ventnor.


An overview of the group of films included in a mini-retrospective of the Japanese Nikkatsu studio’s “B-movie” production of the late 1960s.


While most reviewers of Abel Ferrara’s (arguably masterpiece) The Bad Lieutenant tended to laud Harvey Kietel’s performance in spite of his character’s morally reprehensible nature, and the film’s overall harsh subject matter, Jason Mark Scott argues that Ferrara’s stylistic mix of ‘naturalism’ (which is likened to Pier Paolo Pasolini) and lyricism amounts to a poignant treatment of Catholic angst.


An in-depth overview of the Italian crime films of overlooked auteur Fernando di Leo. One of the first essays in English on the director.


An introduction to the Italian crime film (the poliziotteschi), a mainstay of Italian popular cinema of the 1970s.


An historical overview of the guapparia crime filone, which was especially popular in the Southern parts of Italy in the 1970s.


An analysis of the true crime elements of Brian De Palma's contemporary film noir The Black Dahlia. Author Catherine Benoit also considers the film's intertextuality with respect to previous film noir.


An interview with Hong Kong director Johnnie To.


A round-up of some of the best from one of the more interesting National cinemas of the past few years.


Vesia offers a culturally based analysis of the Gangster film, Hong Kong style.

The Limey  

Steven Soderbergh balances arthouse modernism with conventions of the classical genre to produce nouveau gangster chic.


As part of their April-May program la Cinémathèque québécoise featured a mini-retrospective of one of Italy's oldest living directors, Alberto Lattuada (born, 1914).

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