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Keyword : French Cinema


Pageau revisits Bresson's 'prison' masterpiece after many years to be surprised all over again.


A review of Criterion's wonderful transfer of the Alain Resnais film which helped usher in the 1960s modernist cinema.


Part two of Younger's model analysis of the Bazinian discourse.


Younger presents an involved argumentation and defense of Bazin the critic, theorist, and historian par excellence. Far from the often perceived view of Bazin as an inconsistent or politically niave' writer, Younger presents a Bazin relevant and vital for the ages.Part two of Younger's model analysis of the Bazinian discourse.


Totaro explores how certain styles of filmmaking (montage vs. long take style) may be used to activate different cognitive states ('intellect' versus 'emotion').


An in-depth analysis of an overlooked silent film classic by Russian emigré Dimitri Kirsanov.


Throughout, Tati contrasts the cold colors and industrial sounds of the Arpel’s and the Plastac factory to the warm, earth tone colors, traditional French music, and human sounds of the old quarter. Tati may prefer this idealized vision of the past, but he remains the realist.


May 1998 marks the 30th anniversary of the student riots and subsequent strikes that took hold of France from mid-May to June 5, 1968. The disturbances and events that led to the uprising are well chronicled.

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