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Keyword : Film History


A study of the rebirth of the idea of National Cinema, as expressed by a group of independent American films that played at Cannes 2012.


An appreciation of one of the greatest comedy teams of all time, the Three Stooges, detailing their long career and influence on future generations of comedians.


The theme of foreign films is front and center in Daniel Garrett's review of the book by Roberta Seret, World Affairs in Foreign Films: Getting the Global Picture, and a review of Wayne Wang’s film Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (and other films).


In Wexman’s thoughtful report on Cannes 2010 she steps back from the common festival method of scouring for patterns to reconsider the age old (and still thorny) issue of authorship, and more specifically the auteur theory.


An overview of recent debates on the affect of the internet on the currency of film criticism.


A review essay of two recent books dealing with classic cinema as well as the enduring legacy and memory of the 'traditional' film viewing experiences, at the theatre.


A defense of the internet as a medium of film writing (not a defense of all film writing on the web!).


A thoughtful and thought provoking 'best of' the decade listing.


An interview with Doug Harris, writer/director of the Canadian film Remembering Mel.


In this survey some of Offscreen's regular contributors speak their mind on cinema of the last ten years. Offscreen would like to thank the valuable contribution of its many writers. To note the obvious, Offscreen would not be where it is today if not for them.


A book review essay of Mark Reid's expansive book on African American cinema, which dates back to the silent films of pioneering director/producer Oscar Micheaux to contemporary American cinema.


An in-depth interview with one of the driving forces behind the promotion and critical appreciation of Asian cinema, Tony Rayns.


An exploration of the wild and diverse world of internet cinema, including films made specifically for the internet and those which find a second home (and wind) on the WWW.


An industry analysis using Almodovar's Live Flesh and Guy Ritchie's Snatch as case studies of the sort of narrative and stylistic markers used by European cinema to compete with American films in the global market.


A reflection on the state of the film canon vis-a-vis film critic/filmmaker Paul Schrader.


A review essay of Dai Sijie's France-China production of Sijie's own novel, set during China's Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). Author Garrett analyzes (among other elements) how, during one of the darkest periods in China's cultural history, great art (much of it destroyed as part of the 're-education' program) survived through the perseverance of the human spirit.


An in-depth book review essay of Memoirs from the Beijing Film Academy, the fascinating first hand account about some of the more prominent members of China's Fifth Generation filmmakers, written by a professor from the Beijing Academy, Ni Zhen.


An interview with San Francisco-based curator, critic, theorist, writer, producer Jenni Olson


An report on teh 26th installment of the Syracuse based Cinefest festival, a four-day fiesta of early cinema.


An analysis of Sontag's infamous later essay lamenting the death of cinephilia.

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