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Keyword : Feminism


Political analysis of Alfonso Arau's Like Water for Chocolate.


Iran has Samira Makhmalbaf and a famous father named Mohsen. Italy has Asia Argento and a famous father named Dario. The parallels pretty much stop there.


Firstrun Features does an admirable job with the DVD transfer of Dariush Mehrjui's excellent Leila.


Should feminist scholarship be looking beyond American horror for a more varied representation of female desire and sexuality?


Part two of Peter Rist's critical assessment of Iranian films that played at the most recent of the major Montreal film festivals.


Belgium actress Natali Broods sizzles in S..


During the 1999 Fantasia Film Festival Montrealers were “graced” with the presence of Grace Quek (alias Annabel Chong), in town promoting a documentary about her life entitled SEX: The Annabel Chong Story, directed by Canadian filmmaker Gough Lewis.


A Gun for Jennifer is a ballsy, energetic feminist revisionist take on the traditionally male revenge action film. After a successful festival run, it has seen comparisons to such female revenge films as Ms. 45 and Thelma and Louise, though...

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