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Keyword : Feminism


Psychoanalysis Meets Greek Myth in Elena Rodina's theoretical journey into female representation and spectatorship.


Historical analysis of women and the tradition of veiling (the chador) across Egyptian and Iranian film and culture.


An analysis of the Powell and Pressburger films I Know Where I’m Going! and Black Narcissus from the standpoint of female subjectivity, desire, landscape and colonialism.


Writer Mojgan Eyvazi looks closely at two films by Bahram Beyzai and Tahmine Milani as contrasting viewpoints on the representation of women.


A summary of a Master Class held at Concordia University on Italian filmmaker Paola Sangiovanni.


Julie Ravary praises female characters such as Monica Vitti's Claudia in ??L'Avventura?? and Alida Valli's Irma in ??Il Grido?? as exemplary of his proto-feminist treatment of women in his canon.


All too often film criticism takes itself too seriously. What if film criticism tried to be as entertaining as its product? Offscreen introduces 'Bran Stakhage's' new concept in film criticism: 'post-it' styled criticism which you could print out and stick on your kitchen fridge.


Author Krystle Doromal compares the on/off-screen personas of two Asian American actresses from different eras, Ann May Wong and Lucy Lui. Doromal argues that, while being typecast, these two actresses have also challenged the sterotypical images of Asian Americans in their own different ways.


A look at how two recent documentaries on the slasher/stalker film signals a paradigm shift in the horror genre.


A philosophical analysis of Catherine Breillat's controversial Anatomy of Hell.


An in-depth analysis of the representation of women in contemporary Iranian cinema.


A somewhat irreverent, insightful analysis of two recent female-centered Iranian documentaries, The Ladies Room and Iranian Journey.


An analysis of two recent documentaries exposing the social injustices of archaic law and custom in Israel and Central India: Sentenced to Marriage and Highway Courtesans.


A tribute to the great Italian actresses Alida Valli, who passed away April 22, 2006.


An analysis of how Jane Campion negotiates the conventions of the sex-noir thriller with more auteurist designs exploring female sexual desire and 'art film' aesthetics.


A review of Austrian experimental/avant-garde films on a DVD collection produced by Index.


A review of Austrian experimental/avant-garde films on a DVD collection produced by Index.


A Bleak Heroism of Images: “Woman, Thou Art Loosed” by Michael Schultz and “Moolaade” by Ousmane Sembene.


Review of the recent remake of Tobe Hooper 1974 classic.

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