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Keyword : Experimental


Michel Chion’s Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen presents some compelling strategies for approaching and interpreting the use of sound in film, and provides many avenues for using sound as a way of understanding cinema from a more transcendental frame of mind. What Chion discovers through his process of coming to terms, so to speak, with his expanded vocabulary for sound analysis is that much of the deeper experience we get from cinema is a direct result of the transcendence....


The conclusion of Hendrik's multi-layered study of Kubrick.


In the first of a two-part analysis, Leah Hendriks explores the fascinating interconnections that exist above and below the surfaces between maverick director Stanley Kubrick and the experimental film works of Maya Deren, Jordan Belson, Stan Brakhage, and Kenneth Anger. Hendriks concentrates mainly on 2001: A Space Odyssey (in part one) and Eyes Wide Shut (in part two).


Can cinema reproduce the full sensorial spectrum, and if so, what would this cinema look like?


Randolph uses Clive Barker's The Forbidden to explore how the Faustian myth of immortality persists in contemporary attempts at reproduction and regeneration through the intersections of art and science, art and nature, and music and film.


Part two of Randolph's exploration into 'sonic' immortality


A long overdue look at Zulueta's lost cult classic, Arrebato.


The first of an extensive, three part report on the music and sound festival Mutek.


Part 2


An interview with Cinefest founder Phil Serling.


Randolph Jordan relies equally on his 'eyes' and 'ears' as he concentrates on the often overlooked juxtaposition of sound and image, a dialectic that is becoming an increasingly important part of Montreal's FCMM Festival International Nouveau Cinéma et Nouveaux Médias.


Early in 2001 Hors Champ presented a 4-day event featuring a selected program of vintage works by one of America's leading visual artists, experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage. Nicolas Renaud recounts what was for many an extremely moving 4-day aesthetic experience.


Offscreen presents this probing interview with the Brothers Quay, conducted in Trieste, Italy.


The Award winning Canadian experimental narrative film Subterranean Passage is a meticulously layered visual puzzle that slowly unravels through a series of echoing motifs on the wonder and resiliency of childhood imagination.


Text of the lecture given by Donigan Cumming as part of a series of video screenings in France, October 25th to November 2nd 1999.


A meditation on rural American, from Robert Frank.


SHANGHAEID TEXT is an interesting experimental short that blends original footage with a variety of found footage (Soviet and Hollywood films, soft porn, riot footage).


The sciences do not try to explain, they hardly even try to interpret, they mainly make models.

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