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Stefik tries to define the particular and unique qualities that make up the Peter Mettler film experience. Although largely a review of Mettler's latest films, “Gambling, Gods and LSD”, Stefik also touches on some of Mettler's earlier works.


Offscreen welcomes Vancouver correspondent Tim Newman as it extends geographically to the Western coast. As a first-time coverage for Offscreen, Newman's descriptive prose captures the all-important ambience of one of Canada's premiere Film Festivals.


A focus on the documentaries and shorts, with a special attention given to How's Your News?


Can cinema reproduce the full sensorial spectrum, and if so, what would this cinema look like?


A long overdue look at Zulueta's lost cult classic, Arrebato.


An overview report on New Zealand's International Short film festival.


The subject of Cane Toads is so bizarre, and the reaction of the people interviewed so emotionally polarized, that it feels like a mockumentary. On the broad scope of things, Cane Toads tells the cautionary tale of what can happen when nature is tampered with.


One of the most influential and important horror magazines, Fangoria horror magazine, selects Spanish director Nacho Cerda as one of the 13 rising Horror stars to keep on eye on.


The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On is an impassioned cinema verite-styled account of the one-man wrecking crew/dissident Okuzaki Kenzo, an ex-Private of the 36th Engineering Corps who fought in the West Pacific during World War 2. Read review of recent book on the film.


Text of the lecture given by Donigan Cumming as part of a series of video screenings in France, October 25th to November 2nd 1999.


Genghis Blues touches the very core of the human soul -as great music does- and demonstrates with poetic simplicity how music can be the great cultural leveler. How else can you explain the immediate, symbiotic link that is established between a burly, blind, near-forgotten San Franciscan bluesman and the people of a remote Central Asian nation, Tuva?


As part of his method he becomes one of the combatants or performers, knowing that each scene will present a different battle. If each new video is born from this type of process then Cumming is not only the field commander but a soldier as well.


Donigan Cumming video short.


Linoleum floors, toy horses, souvenirs, ash trays, slippers, sagging skin, shriveled hands, truth and dare; CUT THE PARROT is a tragic comedy with an artist and caste of marginal performers whose guttural monologues take on the characteristics of

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