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Keyword : Documentary


A somewhat irreverent, insightful analysis of two recent female-centered Iranian documentaries, The Ladies Room and Iranian Journey.


An analysis of two recent documentaries exposing the social injustices of archaic law and custom in Israel and Central India: Sentenced to Marriage and Highway Courtesans.


An inside look at one of the more intriguing film festivals in North America, the Telluride Film Festival.


An analysis of Werner Herzog's mockumentary Incident at Loch Ness


Review of the Blue Underground Allan Clarke DVD Collection.


On the occasion of the launch of the NFB's DVD box set L’oeuvre documentaire intégrale de Denys Arcand 1962-1981, Isabelle Morissette meets with Denys Arcand on the subject of On est au coton and the influence that the documentary has had on his creative process.


Mondo film, ethnographic film, Mondo Cane, Russ Meyers


An analysis of two classic Cuban shorts, one pre (??El Megano??) and one post-Revolution (??La primena oaroa al machete??).


The ins and outs of documentary funding in Australia.


These three documentaries, which adopt a “biographical” approach with their singular characters, present images of people who are at once ordinary and extraordinary, who through their tenacity and resilience are elevated to the status of myth.


Fortunately in Aotearoa, we have the New Zealand International Film Festival not only to break up the slate of gray scheduled every year from June through August, but also to give us some food for thought about what kind of future we’re setting ourselves up for in the next few hundred years.


Masterclass! short film workshops with UK writer/director/actor/educator Simon van der Borgh and US short film guru Kim Adelman.


This interview, following the recent completion of his first film, will give us an insider view into the American independent cinema and a chance to better grasp the concept of ‘indie’ cinema.


An impromptu three-way discussion on one of the most talked about documentary films ever.


A Mäori proverb says you spend your life walking backwards because you can see the past but not the future—that’s why we trip.


Hundreds of directors, producers, distributors, commissioners and others from all corners of the documentary industry from all corners of the world descended on Fremantle Western Australia for this year’s Australian International Documentary Conference (26-28 February). Sándor Lau dives into the belly of the beast in search of its soul.


An interview with German director Werner Herzog.


A report on the 4th Calgary International Film Festival.


The notion of documentary truth might be best understood as that truth which is found in the way that we mentally organize our perceptions. Increasingly the theoretical understanding of documentary film is moving away from the notion of an inherent reality found within a film text and more towards an understanding of how texts are read.


In a perfect world Peter Mettler would be a household name. Unfortunately it isn't. Stefik takes you on a journey with one of Canada's lesser known gems, filmmaker Peter Mettler

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