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Keyword : David Lynch


An analysis of performance in Inland Empire centered on the fragmented nature of Laura Dern's characters and the relation of this to narrative comprehension.


An analysis of Lynch's Blue Velvet.


A theoretical analysis of how critics have responded to Lynch's strategies of constructing meaning.


An analysis of how Blue Velvet consciously opens itself up to seemingly contrary meanings.


An impressionistic account of Transcendental Meditation by way of Lynch and INLAND EMPIRE.


An in-depth analysis of David Lynch's animated series Dumbland that convincingly argues for its likeness to Dadiast art and Absurdist drama.


Randolph Jordan relies equally on his 'eyes' and 'ears' as he concentrates on the often overlooked juxtaposition of sound and image, a dialectic that is becoming an increasingly important part of Montreal's FCMM Festival International Nouveau Cinéma et Nouveaux Médias.


Historically, Halloween has its origins with the ancient Druids, who believed that on the eve of All Saints' Day, the lord of the dead, Saman, would summon a host of evil spirits. In modern days the only evil spirits called on during Halloween (excluding all those little tyrants running around in costumes!) are those emanating from movie screens.


“The film image is an alienated reflection -an imitation of life perilously similar to the original.”


« A quietly dark, sinister reworking of The Island of Dr. Moreau and various children's tales (Tom Thumb, Jack the Giant Killer)»

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