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Inside Bresson’s L’Argent
An intriguing look back at the on-set experiences of Jonathan Hourigan.
One Point 0 Interview
An interview with co-directors Marteinn Thorsson and Jeff Renfroe.
Unsu Lee Interview
This interview, following the recent completion of his first film, will give us an insider view into the American independent cinema and a chance to better grasp the concept of ‘indie’ cinema.
Fulltime Cinema: An Interview With Johnnie To
An interview with Hong Kong director Johnnie To.
The Trail of Werner Herzog: An Interview
An interview with German director Werner Herzog.
An interview with director Mikhäil Kobakhidzé.
An interview with Georgian short film expert, diirector Mikhäil Kobakhidzé.
Stan Brakhage: “Death is a Meaningless Word”. Part 1.
Stan Brakhage at the Cinémathèque Québecoise, Montreal, January 27-28, 2001 Part 1: “Death is a Meaningless Word.”
Stan Brakhage: “Death is a Meaningless Word”. Part 2.
Stan Brakhage at the Cinémathèque Québecoise, Montreal, January 27-28, 2001 Part 1: “Death is a Meaningless Word.”
An Interview with Peter Mettler
In a perfect world Peter Mettler would be a household name. Unfortunately it isn't. Stefik takes you on a journey with one of Canada's lesser known gems, filmmaker Peter Mettler
Weathering the Creative Storm: An Interview With Michael Snow
If ever the term “Renaissance Man” applied, it would be to Michael Snow. Most artists would be pleased to have made inroads into one art, but Snow is a strange beast, extending his creative talons into music, painting, sculpting, photography, and film (are you dizzy yet?). So as ecstatic as we were to have one hour with Snow out of his extremely busy schedule, we realized given his prodigious achievements....
Choreography: the unknown and ignored
Often overlooked in action cinema, the art of choreography gets its due. Includes an interview with Hong Kong choreographer Loon Sheng.
Coronación: How to transform feelings into poetic images?
An interview with Chilean director Silvio Caiozzi.
Roshell Bissett: Winter Lily
An interview with Montreal-based filmmaker Roshell Bissett on her first feature, the horror film Winter Lily.
Serling Reprised
PhD candidate Morissette follows up last month's interview with another brief chat with the late, great Phil Serling.
An Interview with William K. Everson
An interview with film legend William K. Everson.

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