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Teruo Ishii, the outcast
Director Teruo Ishii was a featured director at the 5th Udine Far East Film Festival. Curti analyzes Ishii's ero-guro (erotic-grotesque) cinema.
26 (25) years/25 films: Montreal’s World Film Festival, from 1977 till now. Part 1
In a first of a two-part essay, Rist looks back at 25 years of attending the Montreal World Film festival.
FCMM 2002 Dossier : Short Films Exposed
While lamenting the FCMM's decision to eliminate live performances (at least for this year), Randolph Jordan points to the short film as the one area where the FCMM continues its cutting edge, innovative programming.
FCMM 2002 Dossier : Fragmented Visions
A recurring element that struck me during the 2002 Festival International Nouveau Cinéma Nouveaux Medias’ and which I have decided to use as my anchor for this report, is the fragmented narrative, and/or the anthology or omnibus format. Many films at the FCMM were structured using this time honored tradition. Films covered in this report include 11’09’’01, Ten, Gambling, Gods and LSD, Dolls, and Elsewhere.
The 26th Montreal World Film Festival
Iranian cinema once again leads the way at the Montreal World Film Festival.
Vancouver 21st International Film Festival: A Review
Offscreen welcomes Vancouver correspondent Tim Newman as it extends geographically to the Western coast. As a first-time coverage for Offscreen, Newman's descriptive prose captures the all-important ambience of one of Canada's premiere Film Festivals.
A Visit to Korea: a Tale of Pi-Fan, 2001
Hospitality Korean style makes Professor Rist's first (and certainly not last) trip to Pi-Fan (5th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival) an event to remember.
The Hong Kong International Film Festival, April 2001, March/April 2002
Professor Peter Rist visits and revisits one of the most exciting Film Fests anywhere.
Comedia Film Festival: The Features
Perhaps still an appendice to the mega-Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, the new programming crew are out to make a mark.
Comedia 2: Documentaries and Shorts
A focus on the documentaries and shorts, with a special attention given to How's Your News?
The Incredible Film Fest, Part 1
Part two: Korean films lead the way.
The Incredible Film Fest, Part 2
Sándor Lau treats us to coverage of New Zealand's wackiest and most challenging festival
Mutek 2002, Part 1
The first of an extensive, three part report on the music and sound festival Mutek.
Mutek 2002, Part 3
Part 3
Mutek 2002, Part 2
Part 2

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